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Welcome to Skyforge!


At Skyforge, we want to help Android developers release high-quality apps. Android is the fastest-growing mobile platform in the world, but with such advantages comes a host of problems, foremost of which is fragmentation. Ensuring that your Android app will work across the hundreds of Android devices out there is problematic at best, and failure to do so will result in poor reviews and declining sales.

We at Skyforge want to help Android developers overcome the fragmentation problem. We want to remove the burden of testing so that you the developer can focus on building the features you want and release your app with confidence in its quality.

What is Skyforge?

Skyforge is an automated cloud testing service. You upload your Android app, including tests if you have them, and we run them across numerous configured Android emulators, provide you with test results, logs, and even full video recordings. Don't worry if you do not have any tests, most people don't :) If you fall in this category, we can also stress test your app using Android's Monkey tool. It's a great little tool that sends a random stream of UI events, allowing you to stress test the app for crashes or UI issues.

With our selection of emulator configurations, you can cover all API levels, screen sizes, and screen densities that you'll encounter in the Android ecosystem. We have created an emulator configuration for every API level, generalized screen size, and generalized screen density so that you can very easily test against the full matrix of device configurations that exist out there. Our documentation has the full list of emulators that you can test against.

But that's not all. Not only do we collect the results of your tests, we also collect all the logcat output to help you debug issues, and full video recordings so that you can diagnose any UI issues. To get a better idea of how Skyforge works, take a look at our quick walkthrough.

Need more help?

Feel free to contact us anytime via email at support@skyforge.io or follow us on Twitter at @skyforgeio with any questions or concerns. If you're new to testing, we can assist in getting jumpstarted.