Android Cloud Testing

Release your Android app with confidence.

  • What Skyforge can do for you

  • From zero to testing in minutes

    Skyforge makes it easy to get started testing your application quickly and easily. Check out our demo.

  • Broad coverage with minimal effort

    Skyforge provides hosted Android emulators configured to match all possible generalized screen sizes, screen densities, and API levels. Uncover OS compatiblity problems, UI issues, and more!

    See our emulators »
  • Get the data you need to diagnose problems

    Skyforge gives you test results, logcat output, and full video recordings. See trends in your app's behavior over time.

  • Integrates smoothly with the tools you use

    Submit test runs from the web, command line, or your continuous integration system, such as Hudson or Jenkins.

    See our developer API »
  • End-to-end security keeps your data private

    Skyforge uses HTTPS everywhere, encrypts APKs while storing them, and deletes them after testing.

  • Use Skyforge without writing tests

    Skyforge uses Android's Monkey tool to stress test your app. We also support Android Test Framework, JUnit, Android Web Driver, and Robotium.

  • Simplify your testing.